Melissa Ann Singer

I’m highly amused that I have been known to rant about sans-serif fonts and yet here I am, using one, because as of now, this is all I have available. Hoist on my own petard, I guess.

I’ve been working in publishing, as an editor, for more than forty years. I’ve edited hundreds of books in a wide variety of genres: fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery, romantic suspense, science fiction, women’s fiction, and a few more. I’ve worked with authors whose books have sold millions of copies, like Brian Lumley. Books I’ve edited have appeared on bestseller lists and won or been finalists for a various awards (see here:

All opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

On a more personal note:

I started reading and loving comics when I was about 6. I was such a serious comics fan that when I was in high school, I taught a course on comics for my fellow students (and got Tony Isabella to come speak to my class!). In my 20s, I was a huge letterhack (there was no blogging then or I’d probably have been doing that).

I got into sf/f by the time I was 8 and devoured everything I could lay my hands on. My parents were sf/f readers too (mom liked hard sf more than any other subgenre, dad was omnivorous). Star Trek was required family viewing and we still debate the relative merits of the different series, captains, ships, and crew. Until well into the 1970s, when I finished reading my weekly stack of comics, I’d pass them to dad so he could stay current.

I’m a bit of a culture-vulture: I love art and art museums; theater, dance, and other live performance; fashion as art and costume; and architecture. For about a decade I studied stage combat/theatrical fencing, which I loved, and once a year my friends and I would put on a free show in Central Park.

I’m also on Twitter as @maseditor

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