A blank page

There’s a reason I’m an editor and not a writer. I mean, I can write, if I have a topic to write about. I’ve written book reviews, articles about editing and publishing, blog posts about cool sciencey stuff. But to just write something, without a topic? Not my strong suit, and writing about myself? Ewwwwww.

This place will probably mostly contain nattery about editing and publishing, leavened by words about stuff I like. No idea how often or how regularly I’ll post; I’m still figuring that out.

Oh, I’m on Twitter as @maseditor

2 thoughts on “A blank page

  1. You should write more. A nice, conversational style full of useful things instead of the usual (a) blog as Dear Diary, (b) pseudo-intellectual nonsense or (c) glamour photos of today’s sandwich.

    Also: shout if you want evil tricks w/ WordPress and the Twitter — simple little things that take 2 minutes can make WP blogs & Twitter accounts go from Obscure to Internet Famous, which is different than Kim Kardashian Famous and therefore far, far superior.


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